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Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry that has recently gained acceptance in society, and businesses that deal in cannabis need to position themselves as a voice of authority to inform and convince their customers. However, with so many strains available, it can be challenging for businesses to research and create top-notch strain content on their own. That’s where comes in. Our team of experienced writers can create strain-specific content on behalf of businesses, covering the essential attributes, effects, aromas, and cannabinoid profiles of each strain.

With access to information on over 700 cannabis strains, our writers can help businesses stand out in the industry by providing accurate and up-to-date information about each strain. By outsourcing the creation of strain content to our team, your business can save time and resources and focus on what you do best. At, we understand the importance of creating content that informs and educates customers.

Our writers write from previous industry experience, which is why they produce detailed content about each strain, including its lineage, THC and CBD percentages, terpenes, effects, aromas, growing yield, growing time, and even medical applications and benefits. Whether you’re a dispensary owner, licensed grower, licensed producer, seed bank, or nutrient reseller, our strain content writing services can help you take your business to the next level.

Cannabis Strain Content Areas We Can Create For You

Researching and creating accurate and up-to-date content about specific cannabis strain is challenging and time-consuming. This is why we go above and beyond to create content for your business without requiring too much from you. Our team of enthusiastic and well-versed writers can produce quality cannabis content covering:

Strain Lineage

Many cannabis users, growers, and enthusiasts enjoy learning about the lineage of their favorite cannabis strains. Afterall, the genetic makeup of parent strains greatly influences the qualities of their offspring. This makes it important for readers to learn about where the strains originated and how they have changed over time.

At, we take the time and out the effort to make it easy for them to read about them. We know the importance of informing readers the histories of cannabis strains and how they have evolved over time, but in an easy-to-understand way. Our team of writers will create detailed content about the lineage of each cannabis strain to help your readers choose strains that they identify with the most.

Cannabis Strain Effects

The effects of cannabis strains vary widely from uplifting and energizing to calming and relaxing. Many people do not know so much about what makes weed strains have specific effects. Content that helps them understand strain effects and how different strains with similar lineages produce similar effects can be invaluable to them. Let our writers create content that helps your readers choose the right strains based on their desired mood and experience.

THC Percentage

The THC percentage of a cannabis strain is an important factor that determines the potency of the strain and its effects. As more people discover the benefits and effects of cannabis, THC percentage becomes among the first characteristics they check before trying a strain. Users, growers, and enthusiasts want to learn about THC percentages of various strains to know how it will affect them.

You can trust our writers will produce accurate and up-to-date information about the THC percentages of the strains you deal in. The content will be easily written to help your readers make informed decisions about which strains are right for them.

CBD Percentage

CBD content is another critical factor of cannabis that influences the effects and benefits of a weed strain. Medical cannabis users, in particular, want to know the CBD content of various strains to predict how the strain would affect them. Therefore, content that highlights what determines the CBD percentage of a strain and how genetics influence cannabinoid production in the plant flower is very useful to the readers.

Our writers will provide in-depth information about the CBD percentages of the strains you deal in. The content will highlight the potential benefits of each strain for various medical conditions and what psychoactive effects the users can expect when they use it.

Terpenes and Aromas

Not many people who use or wish to learn more about cannabis know so much about terpenes. Content that educates them about them and how they give weed strains their aroma can be very useful to them. Our expert writers can produce quality content that simplifies information about the terpenes present in cannabis strains. This will help your readers understand why various cannabis strains appeal to them and help them choose strains based on their desired taste and aroma.

Growing Yield and Time

Cannabis growers – both hobbyists and for-profit growers – are understandably very selective when choosing cannabis strains. Afterall, growing yield and time to harvest greatly influences output and profitability. Unfortunately, it is a big challenge to find accurate yield and time to harvest information specific to many strains. Our writers can create content that educates readers interested in growing the strains you offer to help them choose cannabis strains that will be most profitable for them.

Medical Applications of Cannabis

Cannabis has shown great potential for treating a wide range of medical conditions. There is a good chance that your readers come across information about new breakthroughs in medical cannabis research and medical applications every day. Understandably, they do not trust everything they read.

At, we know that it is important to be cautious when making medical claims. You can trust us to create content that your readers will rely on when making decisions about which cannabis strains they should buy from you.

Let Us Create Cannabis Content for You Today

At, we offer strain-specific content writing services that can help your business establish itself as an authoritative and informative voice in the cannabis industry. We are committed to creating high-quality and well-researched content on over 700 cannabis strains that will help your business stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.

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