Neal Brown

Neal Brown spent time travelling across the Usa, Canada and Europe contributing to cannabis growing projects along the way. He. has a background in computers and technology and green thumb that has helped produce many hundreds of pounds of cannabis at a high crop to light ratio. He documents all of his adventures and shares his growing techniques on several high traffic cannabis sites. Neal continues to learn about automation in the garden and searching for that perfect strain.

Tammaz Dela Pluma

Tammaz Dela Pluma is an author, publisher and teller of many fictional and non-fictional tales. A writer, world traveler, educator, and cannabis enthusiast, Tammuz has his roots in the lush island of Jamaica where he was born. In his extensive studies of cannabis and people, he has concluded that most things are just better with ganja. We bet you can’t prove him wrong.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith is a cannabis grower and author who has been part of operations in Washington, Oregon and Oklahoma as well as Portugal and British Columbia, Canada. He brings a wealth of knowledge of everything Cannabis Seed and is a trusted advisor and writer for several cannabis related websites. Rick likes to fly drones in his off time and captures some cool shots along the way. He is teasing about sharing some of that content in the near future so stay tuned. He also enjoys running outside and table tennis.

Adrian Moore

Adrian Moore is a writer from Ukraine who can translate in four languages and is a talented carpenter in his off time. When he isn't building or writing, Adrian Moore is creating inside the Adobe Creative suite. Images, video and media are part of his arsenal and make him vital in content creation for several brands.