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We are the writers with growing experience and we can help you reach your content goals on-time and on-budget

Writers Write from Previous Industry Experience

Mrs. Cannabis is a no touch solution connecting the legal cannabis industry with experienced professionals to write for their business and let them remain in the garden. The writers do not have any knowledge of business operations and are simply writers.

Dispensary Content Writing

From the tasties edibles to pre-rolls and concentrates, our team can take their general knowledge and create dispensry content. If you want creative, research driven writing then we can customize a quote for you.

Lab & Concentrates Content Writing

From Rosin to Shatter to the umpteen types of hash, our writing team not only enjoys the strongest mind altering varieties but also can write about it. Bring your 90% THC marvel to market with the writing from Mrs. Cannabis.net

Growing Content Writing

Looking for blog posts about growing cannabis? We have a team of experienced writers ready to debate the best autoflowering strains to grow or the mold restistant gems that help wetter climates get their yeilds up. We have you covered.

Strain Content Writing

Our team has deep knowledge of history and attributes for over 700 strains. If we can be of assistance, let us know!

Website Content Writing

Every word on your website has to be written by someone. If you would rather work in your garden and get us to have a conversation with you and facilitate the website content then we can assign a dedicated writer to your project and you are off to the races.

#1 Website with Content Creating

Content Creation: How to Create Great Web Content

  • Find opportunities through keyword research.
  • Solicit customer feedback.
  • Put yourself in your audiences shoes.
  • Brainstorm with larger group in your org.
  • Investigate what your competition is writing about.